Oldies but goldies

Banana oil (1925), de Milt Gross.

Salesman Sam (1927), de CD Small.

Vigilante. Crime’s caravan (1942), de Mort Meskin.

Fritzi Ritz y Nancy (1942), de Ernie Bushmiller.

The real story behind Lepke, mad dog of the underworld (1942), de Woody Hamilton y Harry Lucey.

The short bloody life of Charlie Birger (1948), de Gil Kane.

The man from the moon (1952), de Basil Wolverton.

Sherm builds a snowman (1953), de Bud Sagendorf.

What Wilbur saw (1957), de Steve Ditko.

Who is Mr. Ashtar? (1957), de Jack Kirby.

We were doomed by the metal-eating monster (1958), de Jack Kirby.

The giants from outer space (1958), de Jack Kirby.

I was big-game in Neptune (1958), de Jack Kirby.

I tracked the nuclear creature (1958), de Jack Kirby.

Rose and the Thorn. Mourn for the Thorn (1970), de Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito.

Change… into something comfortable (1973), de Doug Moench y Richard Corben.

I wonder who’s squeezing her now? (1979), de Nicola Cuti, Ernie Colon y Wally Wood.

The flies!, de Gerry Conway, Paul Kirchner y Ralph Reese.

My troubles with women (1982), de Robert Crumb.

Superman. …With but a single step (1983), de Marv Wolfman y Gil Kane.

Bonus track

The big score (1994), de Richard Sala.