Oldies but goldies

Buz Sawyer, de Roy Crane.

Johnny Hazard, de Frank Robbins.

Spacehawk and the battling bullet ships (1942), de Basil Wolverton.

The transmutation machine y War over Iceland (1942), de Jack Cole.

Windy Breeze (1944), de Jack Cole.

Frankenstein. How I conquered a terrible plague (1946), de Dick Briefer.

Bob and Swab (1948), de Jack Cole.

Frankenstein. Voyage of death (1952), de Dick Briefer.

Sherm. Dog house (1952), de Bud Sagendorf.

Frankenstein. The rebirth of the monster (1952), de Dick Briefer.

The land unknown (1957), de Alex Toth.

Forever and ever (1957), de Steve Ditko.

The perfect forecaster (1958), de Steve Ditko.

The hand in the wall (1962), de Jerry Robinson.

The Phantom. The river that never ends (1970), de Steve Skeates y Jim Aparo.

Sang Chi, Master of Kung-Fu. Midnight brings dark death! (1973), de Steve Englehart y Jim Starlin.

The Shadow. The kingdom of the cobra (1973), de Denny O’Neil, Mike W Kaluta y Berni Wrightson.

The phantom of Pleasure Island (1975), de Gerry Boudreau y Alex Toth.

Mister Miracle. Midnight of the Gods (1977), de Steve Englehart y Marshall Rogers.

Of swords and sorcery! y Sanctuary! (1979), de Wally Wood.