Oldies but Goldies – 31/01/2014


Iron Munro (1940), de Jack Farr.

Danny in Wonderland (1941), de Lin Streeter.

Micro-Face (1943), de Allen Ulmer.

Twilight and His Pal Snoopy (1943), de John Cassone.

Ibis the Invincible. The Little Man Who Isn’t Here (1944), de Otto Binder.

Land of the Lost (1946), de Isabel Manning Hewson y Olive Bailey.

Frankenstein. One Small Bier (1947), de Dick Briefer.

Murder, Morphine and Me (1947), de Jack Cole.

I Was the Front for the Merciless Spirit Swindlers (1947), de Joe Simon y Jack Kirby.

Terry and the Pirates #8 (1948), de Milton Caniff.

Tommy Tomorrow. Tommy Tomorrow’s Trip to Today (1949), de Curt Swan.

The Touch of Gentle George (1951), de Bernard Krigstein.

Mission into Time (1952), y I Was the First Future Man (1958), de de Lou Cameron, aquí.

Mountain Love (1954), ee Alberta Tewks.

It Came from the Bottom of the World! y Too Much Steam! (1954), de Jack Sparling.

Turok. The River of Fire (1956), de Gaylord DuBois, Bob Correa y John Celardo.

Weak Boy (1956), de Mort Meskin.

Black Canary (1972), de Denny O’Neil y Alex Toth.

The Wisdom of Many, the Wit of One (1974), de Doug Moench y Frank Robbins.

Tomb of Goofula (1991), de Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan y Tom Palmer.