Oldies but Goldies – 28/02/2014


The Green Mask #7 (1941), de Pierce Rice.

Inferior Man (1942), de Al Jafee.

Nightmare and Sleepy (1943), de Maurice Del Bourgo.

The Furnished Room (1946) y No Good for Anyone (1951), de Bill Draut, aquí.

Terry and the Pirates #9 (1948), de Milton Caniff.

Murder Was My Business (1948), de George Roussos.

Nancy Hale’s Problem Clinic y Marvels y Marvin’s Pearl (1951), de Mort Meskin.

The Spirit. Death Is My Desiny (1951), de Will Eisner.

Mox Nix (1952), de Jack Niles.

The Bedeviled Battalion (1952), de Richard Case.

The Torture Chamber (1952), de Stan Lee y Gene Colan.

Abbot and Costello #22 (1953), de Mort Drucker.

The Vampires from Venus y Deadline for Party (1959), de Bob Powell.

Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom (1962), de Paul S Newman y Bob Fujitani.

Blast-Off #1 (1965), de Jack Kirby, Al Williamson, Howard Nostrand, Angelo Torres, Roy Krenkel y Reed Crandall.

Town Tamer y Timber Wolf! (1971), de Gil Kane.

The Day After the Martians Came! (1973), de Gerry Conway y Ralph Reese.

That Dracula May Live Again! (1973), de Marv Wolfman y Neal Adams.

Eternal Hour (1973), de Alex Toth.

Star Trek. The Crier in Emptiness (1975), de Alan Dean Foster, John Buscema, Dick Giordano y Terry Austin.